Manikaran Power Limited (MPL) is more than just consulting – we’re your dedicated partners in steering your organization towards its sustainability triumph. Covering all aspects of transformation, we ensure you exceed your environmental, social, and governance (ESG) aspirations and become future ready.

Creating a Sustainability Vision 

With customized organizational sustainable strategies aligned with your vision, MPL identifies key areas for impactful change through materiality assessments, potential risks identification and gap analysis. Thus help your organization create precise targets and KPIs (Key Performance Indicator’s) and help foster a proactive approach of internal stakeholders through capacity building, ultimately guiding you towards a sustainable future and value add to the organization.

Navigating the Climate Frontier

Pioneering climate strategies, aligned with SBTi’s Net Zero Glide Path, addressing GHG emissions and waste management issues and advancing environmental stewardship.

Elevating Operations and Transparency

MPL’s Sustainable Operations strategy enhances efficiency, streamlines processes, and ensures transparent multi-framework ESG reporting.

Experience transformative sustainability with MPL – where we build a shared reality of success.


Multi framework ESG reporting (GRI, BRSR, SASB, TCFD, ISSB)

Organizational level sustainable strategy

    • Materiality assessment
    • Gap analysis
    • Target setting / KPI setting
    • Capacity building


Climate strategy

    • Net zero glide path (SBTi)
    • GHG accounting
    • Emission reduction Scope 1,2 &3
    • Waste management/reduction
    • Dual materiality

Sustainability performance evaluation/benchmarking

Sustainable Operations strategy

    • Energy efficiency
    • Process improvement
    • Cost efficiency
    • Innovation

Supply chain assessment

  • Vendor / Supplier GHG mapping (Scope 3)
  • Proactive Risk assessment



     Business Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting (BRSR) which revolves around the Nine Principles laid down by the National Guidelines for Responsible Business Conduct (NGRBC) is a mandated reporting framework for all listed entities in India which aims to encourage them to adopt sustainable business practices and disclose information related to their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance.

     The BRSR reporting framework is aligned with Global Sustainability Reporting frameworks, such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC).


    Manikaran Group has a longstanding experience of managing a diverse set of clientele of over 2500+ clients several of which are part of the top 1000 entities based on market capitalization. This enables us to both cultivate a strong rapport with our client’s operational, in-house, and management teams as well as have a deep understanding of the overall functioning of the organizations especially on the ‘E’ aspect of ESG.

    Our team of ESG experts have over 8 years of experience in ESG and Process Improvement measures across Industries which ensures:

    • Clear subject matter understanding
    • Risk assessment and mitigation measures
    • Peer evaluation
    • Formulation of ESG strategy and its implementation in day-to-day decisions

    Our ARISE approach of “Assess, Report, Intimate, Strategise and Embed” integrates your business activities without disturbing the present working system & handholds you from conceptualizing ESG strategy to implementation at your site and offices


    ESG Programs can contribute to business sustainability efforts & ensure that there is commitment to, accountability for & responsible & ethical practices in companies.

    Win and keep the best talents

    Improved operational performance

    Attract Investors access to capital

    Stay relevant for clients

    Comply with regulatory requirements

    Stand out from the competition

    Improved operational performance

    Mitigate and reduce risks

    Better performance of shares