In 2021, Manikaran made inroads as an IPP by acquiring 15 MW of Hydro-Electric projects in Himachal Pradesh under Manikaran Hydro Private Limited. These are Small Hydro-Electric Projects having installed capacities of 2 x 2.5 MW situated in Drinidhar and 2 x 2.5 MW situated in Upper Khauli.

At the time of their commissioning in 2010, Drinidhar and Upper Khauli Small Hydro Power Plants were a major step towards harnessing the hydroelectric potential in the state of Himachal Pradesh as it utilized the inflow of the tributaries, namely Brahl Khad & Khauli Khad of the river Beas towards the generation of power on the run-of-the-river basis.





Capacity           :       2 x 2.5 MW

Location            :       Kangra District of Himachal                                             Pradesh

Project Type     :       Run-of-the-River

River                       :        Brahl Khad, A tributary of the                                           Beas River

Status                    :       The commercial Operations                                            have started with effect from                                         29 March 2010.

Power off-taker:     Himachal Pradesh State                                                   Electricity Utility (HPSEB) through                                     a 40 year PPA.






Capacity           :         2 x 2.5 MW

Location             :         Kangra district of Himachal                                             Pradesh

Project Type    :        Run-of-the-River

River                      :         Upper Khauli Khad, A tributary                                         of  the Beas River

Status                   :        The commercial Operations                                           have started with effect from 29                                     March 2010.

Power off-taker:      Himachal Pradesh State                                                   Electricity Utility(HPSEB) through                                     a 40 year PPA.