2021 was a defining year for carbon markets as an asset class, making headlines in terms of both performance and climate impact. While the voluntary offset market made huge strides, it was dwarfed by the much larger, more liquid segment of the ecosystem – the compliance market. All major compliance markets—those administered by centralized governing bodies such as the European Commission or the California Air Resource Board—experienced significant gains, with the European Union, the largest submarket, being the strongest.

India’s carbon market is one of the fastest growing markets in the world and has already generated approximately 30 million carbon credits, the second highest transacted volumes in the world. The carbon trading market in India is growing faster than even information technology, bio technology and BPO sectors. Nearly 850 projects with an investment of Rs 650,000 million are in the pipeline.


MPL is offering Climate Change Program having specialization in Carbon Credits Project Management, Carbon Credits Trading and Advisory Services


We help and encourage various Corporates to manage their carbon portfolio. With strong technical expertise and in-depth process understanding, we put appropriate Monitoring systems, conduct capacity development for staff, carry out periodic Pre-verification check, risk assessment and implement mitigation plans, work towards timely resolution of issues and processing of deviation/revision to reduce time delays.




    To facilitate diligence based consultancy services and reduce delay, Manikaran can offer a pivotal role in roping in Carbon finance to eligible entities under the Sustainable Development Program.


    • End-to-end Carbon project life cycle management under one roof.
    • Coordinating with Emission Reduction Standards bodies/authorities to retrieve the Credits.
    • Tracking policy changes and other emerging ER standards worldwide.
    • Transfer/Retirement of Carbon Offsets to obtain maximum Carbon Finance.
    • Monetizing the Emission Reduction Projects.
    • Project Owners need additional income (like Carbon Financing) but usually don’t know where and how to Register/Verify their projects so as to earn Carbon credits & sell them.


    MPL has reliable International Network of Direct Buyers and Aggregators, who help to sell the credits into the International Carbon Markets. We shield them to get their payments securely. We are developing carbon projects under different frameworks.

    Global Carbon Council (GCC)

    Community Based Project

    Carbon Foot Printing (GHG Emission Reduction Assessment)

    Nature Based Solutions



    Business Challenge

    Most of the registered project owners encounter the problem to sell their environmental commodities/ Credits into the International Carbon Markets.

    They don’t have access to International sales network, and hence quite obviously they do not have any updated knowledge about contemporary prices and adding to that a risk of secure negotiations / contractual risks.